Thornbury Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 14r-v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 45r
Joseph Canning, constable
The assessment notes that 15 people were omitted, because they received alms. The 1671 assessment assessed fewer hearths (281), but omitted 17 people who were in receipt of alms and the (now incomplete) list of exemptions was longer.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/126
Date:17 June 1672
Signed By:Guy Lawrence, vicar
William Price, churchwardens
Thomas Brooke, overseers
Authorised by:William Ducie & Christopher Cole
Certificate was also signed by Richard Arnald, constable.
Cole's signature is dated 19 June and indicates that the names were brought to him by Thomas Brooke. The certificate as signed included 11 names, but one has been crossed out and does not appear on the return.
Alice Hopkins4
Lord Stafford2
Maud/Edward Shepherd2
Robert Thurston3
Samuel Thurston2
John Baynham2
Christopher Powell1
John Bird9
Thomas Fowler4
William Grove1
Richard Arnold5
Thomas Perdu1
Israel --2
William Grove1
William Stallerd2
Edward Parker2
Joseph Poore1
Thomas Fowler2
Anne Turner1
Joan Marsh1
James Hicks1
William Ockford1
John Holloway2
William Earle3
Widow Horsley7
Henry Laurence4
Thomas Brookes8
John Fowler2
Samuel Hicks3
John Walker3
Richard Stokes3
William Picker2
Richard Wintle4
William Cooke5
John White2
Anne Smith8
Elizabeth Linke1
Thomas Hendy1
Samuel Steevenson3
Hezekia Huett2
John Holbrooke6
Mary Aylworth5
Elizabeth Sumers2
Richard Baynham2
Francis Baker1
Mary Baker1
John Cooke9
Elizabeth Fare3
William Ogburne5
William Smith5
Thomas Thurston 2 & 1 oven3
Elizabeth Coxe2
Joseph Cannings2
James Haynes3
Hezekia Huett3
Brice Mansfeild3
John Stone4
Mary Tanner5
Robert Stone1
William Scott1
Thomas Coxe2
Joan Cooke2
Alice Edwards1
Margery Aylworth3
James Eley2
William Hicks1
Richard Hawksworth3
Doctor Thorner7
Christopher Scamell1
Richard Waters2
Edith Wells4
Arthur Harding2
Widow Hopkins1
Samuel Sumers1
Joan Buser/Bucher2
Anne/John Ockford2
Anne Thurston7
Mary Wells7
Rebecca Pullin1
Mary Bretton2
Thomas Tayler3
Arthur Neale4
William Stafford esq 2 & 1 oven3
Elizabeth Harvest3
William Russell2
Widow Arnold3
Richard Mathews3
Anthony Search1
Widow Pullin1
Benjamin Parker1
Anne Penduck2
Robert Smith1
Morgan Berton1
Widow Russell3
Thomas Powell2
Henry Adams1
Roger Walker1
William Price3
Thomas Smith1
John Bayley1
William Win-- 1 & forge2
And for [forge arrears]1
William Cooke2
William Gayner 2 & a forge3
And for his forge 2 half years1
Widow Barton4
Timothy Hacker2
Edward Champnes2
Nicholas White1
Judith Webb1
Edward Liffe1
William Barker1


Richard Short1
Agnes Ockford1
Thomas Croome1
John Scamell1
John West2
Widow Downey1
Timothy Hacker junior1
Joan Hoskins1
James Ayler1
Richard Hill2