Frampton Cotterell

Langley & Swineshead Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 3v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 48v-49r
William Wade, tithingman
The 1671 assessment recorded Mary Barton, widow (6) and Mary Rodman (3) rather than Widow Rodam (9).
The 1671 assessment noted that therer were 11 poor people omitted, because they received alms.
Widow Atwood / William Atwood, gent.5
John Pregg3
John Sland/Slade5
Elizabeth Millett3
Widow Rodam9
William Bryent2
Richard Pregg2
William Ames3
Mary Walker, widow3
Anne Rodam1
Thomas Tiler2
Joseph Holister3
Thomas Holister2
Richard Ellery2
Nicholas Collett3
Edward Scudamore3
John Roberts2
Phillip Wither1
Solomon White2
Nehemiah Sturge1
Richard Willerby2
Mr Alway5
Henry Sims esq18
Francis Roberts3
Richard Parker4
Richard Parker senior3
John Tiler7
Joseph Weston4
Mary Collett4
Elizabeth Thurston3
Thomas Poole 4 & a forge5
And forge arrears for 2 years2
William Cox2
William Wade3
Arthur Stinchcombe3
Margaret Sland3
John Millett3
Jacob Millett3
John Sturgis1
Ralph Wickham2
Robert Turner2
John Hewes4
Thomas Russell1
Mrs Davis5
Katherine Buck, widow4
Denis Holister new erected paid one half year1