Wick & Abston

Pucklechurch Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 13v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 49v
John Farmer, constable
The 1671 assessment has been used to confirm the number of hearths where the 1672 assessment is faint.
In the 1671 assessment Thomas Russell is recording as having 2 hearths and an oven. Thomas Rodburne (5) is omitted from the 1672 assessment.
William Goslett5
Roger Bryent3
William Rodburne4
John Alway2
Richard Tayler3
Henry Bryent2
Brice Seed4
Thomas Seamore3
Thomas Hams3
Mr Steevens10
John Hathway6
Richard Hall4
John Leister3
Lewis Bryent4
Henry Bowle/Bull5
Anthony Loxston2
Thomas Parker / Thomas Bankes3
Widow Bryent3
Richard Clarke3
Matthew Rodburne3
Mr Brice / Richard Collins4
Edward Selman3
John Prout/Pruett6
Thomas Smokeham3
William Fry3
William Flower1
William Grist3
Elizabeth Parker, widow4
Elizabeth Hicks, widow7
Alice Lidish, widow2
Thomas Rodburne1
William Jacob5
Widow Foster2
Richard Strange2
Robert Weekes4
Richard Stoke3
William Gregory2
Mary Collins2
Thomas Rousell/Russell3
John Smilome4
Robert Felps 1 forge paid 4 half years12
Matthew Mably1
John Farmer3
William Smilome1
Thomas Darke2
Sarah James2
John Strange1