Pucklechurch Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 13v-14r
Francis Hathway, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 50r
Only the very beginning and the end of the 1671 assessment survive.
John Bishop4
Robert Kinge1
Widow Pouter1
Edward Grigory5
Mr Browne5
James Pegg2
Thomas Barley4
William Dunock3
Robert Marten2
Widow Francken2
John Cope2
John Smith7
John Kinge1
Widow Simonds2
John Humfrys7
John Wickham2
John Hoskins2
Richard Lutton3
Widow Gall4
John Gregory1
William Tiler6
Joan Chambers4
William Smith 3 & a forge4
And arrears for forge 1 year1
Widow Lucie3
William Garrett2
Widow Hancock3
Thomas Chapp5
Robert Gregory2
James Clement1
Mr Pounds4
Joseph Rogers1
William Wagmore2
Edward Tiler2
John Purrock2
Widow Caudle2
Henry Chomlyes3
Richard Holiday7
Obadiah Wetherly8
Edmund Lippiatt3
Mr Denis / Francis Hathway19
Giles Scrags1
William Screen2
Richard Fowler2
Sarah Smart1
Michael Wall1