Pucklechurch Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 14r
John Chambers, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 50r
John Siford, constable
Much of the 1671 assessment is lost. This assessed Mr Roberts (4) and William Jones (2) as void, no distress.
The 1671 assessment recorded 18 people discharged by certificate (20 hearths) and noted that there were 'many poor people' who were omitted. There were no exemptions in the 1672 assessment.
William Cooke2
Isaac Roach1
William Hobroke1
John Batten3
Widow Cooke2
William Bristoll3
Thomas Perington 4 & forge5
And arrears forge 1 year1
Robert Wimboll5
George Edmonds6
Morrice Edmonds3
Mr Astry13
Robert Shurman6
Widow Mosely2
Mr Usher4
Joseph Cooke2
William Cooke2
Widow Cooke2
Susan Belcher2
Jacob Holister4
Widow Blanchard3
John Fry1
Richard Cromhall4
Samuel Pill6
John Love3
Nathaniel Joham6
William Treherne3
Christopher Houlder3
Mr Gruble8
Mary Jocham1
William Gifford4
Thomas Prigg4
Mary Cooke2
John Chamlys2
Hester Goding4
Widow Simonds2
John Stokes2
Widow Felps3
John Elbert2
Thomas Midlton4
Arthur Parker1
William Millerd6
John Jocham4
Richard Tilly3
William Price4
John Truman7
John Robbins1
Richard Duswell3
Mr Frend8
John Butler3
William Ricketts2
John Hodgis2
William Fluellin4
John Groves2
William Cuning2
John Barnett1
John Sherburne3
Samuel Simonds3
Richard Holister2
Edward Sumervill1
Widow Holister3
William Atkinson4
Daniel Tovey4
Robert Rogers2
Charles Frape7
Mr Flower/Fowler8
Richard Rogers3
Matthew Parsons4
Widow Hobbs6
Richard Prigg/Sprigg4
Richard Parker5
John Parker4
Widow Nicholas1
Widow Sumers5
Widow Tauton4
Widow Ashly / Edward Gifford2
William Peryman2
Robert Wickham2
Richard/Jacob Holister2
Richard Soucham/Stockham6
Thomas Alsope1
Richard Holister1
Samuel Truman6
Hugh/Henry Jeofry4
Widow Siford4
Henry Alsope3
Dennis Holister4
Giles Humfrys3
Mr William Petts/Pitts9
John Houlder5
James Gifford1
Widow Sarum / Widow Lawrence2
John Mosely2
Richard Cambrige3
Nathaniel/Matthew Turner1
Mr Jones2
Mr Roberts5
Thomas Frape 1 forge paid for 3 half years11
Thomas Peirce 1 forge paid for 3 half years11