Little Badminton

Grumbold's Ash Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 13r
Richard Bennett
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 53r
John Hoborow, constable
The 1671 assessment had a total of 21 hearths, Simon Edney being omitted and the house of Widow Orchard (4) being described as void, no distress. The earlier entry also included John Chapman (2), no distress and Mr Gray (5), void, no distress.
The 1672 assessment lists no exemptions, but the 1671 assessment is followed by a list of exemptions and the comment that the 'many people' who received alms were omitted.
Richard Francome1
Robert Jorden2
Simon Edney 1 forge for 4 half years arrears2
William / Widow Munday3
Mr Archard4
Henry Peirson1
John Hoborow2
Widow Lucas1
Samuel Watts2
Walter Hoborow2
Thomas Hoben / Thomas Robbins2
Robert Walker1
Richard Bennett2
Richard Parker2


Robert Griffen1
Edward Smith1
Thomas Griffen1
Jeremiah Shillom1
Robert Huss1
John Rodman1
Robert Hart1
Thomas Burchell1
John Jenkins1
Nicholas Bennett1
James Andrews1
John Cox1
Thomas Copper1
Thomas Esmead1
William Shipway1
Thomas Shipway1
Tace Hart1
Francis Tiler1
Elizabeth Wimboll1
James Running1
Edward Huss1
Thomas Longden1
John Worlock1
The remainder of the column is lost.