Berkeley Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 5r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 55v-56r
John Olliver, constable
Daniel Clift viewed the assessment as collector.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/122
Date:6 June 1672
Signed By:William Reed & John Cowley, churchwardens
John Devriat & Thomas Pope, overseers
Authorised by:William Ducie & Gabriel Lowe
One name was crossed off the certificate before it was signed by the justices.
John Pinfold6
Thomas Tindell5
Thomas Daniell5
Daniel Trotman2
Thomas Pope3
Joan Smith2
James Vick1
William Andrews2
William Selman1
James Benley1
Edward Pope1
John Nelme3
Nathaniell Hicks2
Mrs Try1
John Derrett3
Alice Hathway3
John Browning4
John Nelme4
Nathaniel Tindell4
Roger Holister2
Widow Purnell3
William Trotman2
John Woodward1
John Derrett2
Nathaniel Hampton1
Thomas Derrett2
Joseph Bendall2
Mr Purnell 2 houses9
Widow Trotman4
John Addey3
Mr Smiths tenants2
Sarah Andrews3


George Hill1
Richard Cox1
Thomas Mandy1
Christopher Champion1
Richard Ricketts1
Samuel Underwood2
Joseph Huchins1
William Hill1
John Thayer1
Christopher Rutter1
John Camp1
Widow Kingscott1
Thomas Kingscott1
Charles Elliott1
Deborah Smith2
Richard Hampton1
Obediah Hill1
William Wood1
John Hicks1
Jonathan Hooper1
Nathaniel Hampton1
William Hampton1
Richard Owen1
John Higgs1
Widow Hampton1
Widow Olliver1
Widow Jobbins1
John Bendall1
Widow Bendall1
John Andrews2
Samuel Nelme1
Robert Williams1
John Hale1
John Rutter1
Roger Rutter1
John Edwards1
Widow Merideth1
William Parker1