Bourton on the Water

Slaughter Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 41v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 22v
Henry Venfild, constable
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/7
Date:22 May 1672
Signed By:George Vernon, rector
Coward Lambe & William Davis, churchwardens
Authorised by:William Dutton & Michael Rutter
The certificate was signed by the justices as containing 21 names, but one has been crossed out.
Mr Charles Trinder10
John Gladwin4
Widow Collett5
Widow Kite2
Robert Rooke2
William Rose4
William Davis1
John Tomlin1
William Sharpe3
Robert Lambert1
William Davis1
Mr Roberts3
Henry Hankes1
Henry Duncis1
John Venfild5
Giles Tomms2
Peter Harbert demolished for 1 half year1
William Fox1
Thomas Lawrence1
Giles Venfild5
Mr Mills5
Henry Collins, 2 houses5
Edward Fox1
Thomas Laurence2
Thomas Kite3
Thomas Fox1
Thomas Gladwin1
Mr George Vernon, clerk9
Stephen Hankes2
Edward Lambert4
Richard Poulton2
William Paxford1
William Mathews3
Thomas Lambert2
William Rose4
William Gladwin2
Thomas Handman2
Richard Bushell3
John String1
William Browne2
Thomas Sadler1
Andrew Laurence2
William Minchin1
Richard Osbiston1
Widow Adams1
William Legg1
Henry Venfild2
Richard Egerton1
William Paxford3
Widow Hully1


Thomas Farmer1
Widow Gibbert1
Thomas Butler1
Elizabeth Blacknell1
Eleanor Cornwell1
Widow Cooke1
Giles Fox1
William Ankerman1
Giles Laurence1
Widow Blissard1
John Asap1
William Buckingham1
Widow Haynes1
Robert Bryan1
Giles Lardner1
John Dunce1
Hester Kinge1
Henry Scredge1
Widow Alford1
William Paxford1