Slaughter Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 40r-v
Anthony Sturgis
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 22v-23v
Mr Mince, constable
There is some damage to the 1671 assessment. This included a long list of exemptions and ended with the comment that there were very many poor people who received alms and had therefore been omitted.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/1
Date:27 May 1672
Signed By:Rowland Wilde
Anthony Cress & John Buckingham, churchwardens
John Pebworth & John Ellis, overseers
Authorised by:William Dutton & Michael Rutter
John Ketch11
John James3
John Pebworth3
Widow Granger5
Thomas Band5
George Waynwright2
Thomas Pebworth2
Widow Rutter / Widow Buttler3
Thomas Pitman8
William Pitman3
John Goodwin / John Gladwin2
Widow Collett1
Oliver Read7
Mr Oldsworth / Mrs Ebsworth4
Richard Wilson1
Mr Charles Townsend4
Anthony Hiett5
Laurence Mace2
Richard Bowle 2 & a forge3
And arrears for forge 1 year1
John Ellis3
Rowland/Roger Bliss3
John Ellis junior4
Thomas Wilson3
Richard/Samuel Wilson1
Mr Edward Curtis3
Mr Mince3
Mr Norton2
James Truby2
John Pitman1
Widow Collett1
John Cumpton, 2 houses5
Richard Cherker4
Robert Muckloe2
John Hankes2
John Read 1 & a forge2
And arrears for forge 1 year1
Anthony Crosly2
Mr Pisley4
Thomas Phipps3
William Gester2
Widow Hill5
Mr Haselwood Wells3
Richard Wells4
Mr Gibbs4
Francis Dicks10
William Williams1
John Bayley1
Richard Baggs/Raggs 2 & a forge3
And arrears forge 1 year1
Joseph Ackly/Atley3
Richard Cumpton2
Anthony Cress2
Richard Hilbell3
William Leonell1
Thomas Harris1
William Wilson9
Peter Mathews1
George Gardner1
Thomas Arther3
Humphrey Blackwell1
Francis Ennis1
Widow/William Fox1
Richard Poole1
Thomas Hawkins1
Thomas Horne1
Thomas Meryman1
Thomas Gothrige1
Thomas Blissard1
Mr/Mrs Freeman3
Mr Lambert / Mrs Lampott4
Thomas Hawkes/Hawkins2
Bernard Andrews1
Widow/John Jenkins2
Richard Bishop1
Anthony Sturdy2
John Buckingham3
Widow Ackly2
Widow Horsman4
Walter Danford1
Richard Biggs2
Thomas Dicks2
Richard Peice 2 & a forge3
And arrears forge 1 year1
Mr Flatcher6
Thomas Mace1
Widow Cross5
Mr Wilde6
William Rider1
John Cumpton1
John Durham3
Mr Bromsgrove3
Richard Word 3 & a forge4
And arrears for forge 1 year1
John Arkell1


Francis Ems1
Matthew Bradford1
Humphrey Blackwell1
Thomas Stubbs1
Widow Sumers1
Richard Meryman1
Miles Eden1
Thomas Cooke1
Widow Holifild1
Widow Nison1
Richard Freeman1
John Smith1
William Huett1
Richard Spurrier1
William Bye1
William Phillips1
Martin Knight1
Widow Gardner1
Edward Brangman1
John Cooke1
Ralph Cooke1
Richard Bidle1
Widow Whart1
Anthony Chancer1
Edward Francis1
Thomas Cooke1
John Smith1
Widow Brangman1
John Collins1
Aron Buswell1
Widow Twiner1
Widow Tubbs1
William Davis1
John Salmon1
Widow Cross1
Thomas Mace1
William Clifford, senior & junior2
Richard Clifford1
Henry Lambe1
John Beale1
Richard Sabrick1
John Cross1
Luke Rawlins1
Widow Huss1
William Hall1
Jeremy Harwell1
Mary Dicks1
Peter Mathews1
Elizabeth Brangman1
Robert Granger1
Thomas Games1
John Lanton1
Thomas Hookeham1
John Easton1
Thomas Buswell1
Ralph Saul1
Thomas Hookham1
Thomas Robbins1
Garrett Dobson1
John Cumpton1
Widow Staite1
Mark Nash1
Richard Hall1
Henry Pruce1
Richard Francis1
Eleanor Payne1
John Laurence1
William Spencer1
Edward Roberts1
William Smith1
Robert Torch1
John Snelson1
John Allen2
Widow Norrice1
Ralph Lambert1
Richard Harris1
Edward Sharlett1
Widow Steel1
Widow Jones1
Widow Shurle1
John Perkins1
John Hobbs1
Charles Surman1
Richard Morgan1
John Roberts1
William Gainsborow1
Widow Gretton1
Thomas Dandy1
John Charlett1
Thomas Spurr1
John Atkins1
Richard Smith1
Thomas Charlett1
Francis Bill1
John White1
William Bowly1
Henry Pratt1
Robert Hunt1
Widow Townsend1
Widow Eden1
William Perrin1
Anthony Tosier1
Widow Smart1
Widow Morrice1
Joseph Smith1
Thomas Rooke1
Joseph Pebworth1
George Churne1
Richard Webb1
John Stanly1
Daniel Hunt1
Thomas Ward1
Widow Gothrige1
Widow Churchill1
Mark Hickman1
Widow Yarles1
Richard Hues1
Francis Bumford1
Mary Horsman1
John Phipps1
Robert Day1
James Paynton1
William Phipps1
William Allen1
Edward Pitway1
James Smith1
William Hadly1
Thomas Russell1
William Haynes1
Thomas Jelfe1
Christopher Williams1
John Bromly1
Robert Pratt1
Widow Armwright1
Richard Tockwell1
William Hankes1
Thomas Kemett1
Gilbert Cockell2
Laurence Bowers1
William Lay1
William Payne1
Anthony Hunt1
Widow Wright1
John Jorden1
Widow Archard1
Widow Chadburne1
Benjamin Bristow1
Widow Foord1
Widow Collett1
John Hankes1
William Waters1
William Turfry1
John Adkins, junior1
Simon Adkins1
Edward Emes1
Valentine Price1
Thomas Powell1
John Berry1
John Weale1