Tewkesbury Hundred

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 45r-v
Edward Wilson & Robert Porter, constables
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 19v-20v
John Benett & Joseph Clarke, constables
The 1671 assessment has significant damage.
The ovens belonging to Henry Pace and Joseph Clarke included on the 1671 assessment for Key Lane appear to have been excluded from the 1672 assessment.
The 1671 assessment for Church Street recorded that the quaker meeting house was void and had two entries for St Mary Lane, the second being Arthur Cooke with 1 hearth.
The 1671 assessment recorded that there were very many poor people who received alms and had been omitted.
Certificate: TNA, E179/329
Date:27 June 1672
Signed By:Francis Willis
Thomas Hale & Henry Sawle, churchwardens
Authorised by:Edward Wilson, Robert Porter & Thomas Nanfan
There are dividing lines on the certificate, indicating that the poor were identified within wards, but no indication there or in the return as to which group related to which ward.


Mr Clarke5
Anthony Care3
John Farron2
Phillip Hayward2
Francis Jeofrys6
Edward Waters3
Phillip Hilly5
Thomas Baker3
Edward Phelps6
William Deagle6
Mrs Read11
Widow Cart10
William Smith4
Joseph Jones2
Thomas Collier3
William Grimshaw2
Edward Light7
Widow Kimbury1
John Dobbins6
John Hanly2
Matthew Mayo / Matthew Waite2
Henry Robbins/Dobbins2
John Lewis1
John Smith2
Thomas Cotton 2
William Walker2
John Toms1
George Wale for one halfe year & now demolished1
William Porter2
Henry Hatton3
Joan Griffin1
Samuel Edwards5
Thomas Pope1
Edward Tiler3
Widow Vickars2
Mrs Waite6
Edward Chester2
George Higgons4

Key Lane

Thomas Clarke 3
Edward Chester2
John Bassett2
John Granger2
Mrs Shaw6
William Shurman/Surman2
Richard Vickars4
Thomas Vickars2
Thomas Bryan2
Gabriel Haynes1
John Fletcher 1 & forge2
And arrears forge 1 year1
Henry Pace3
Henry Saul2
John Rendick1
Mr Doudswell8
Edward Deagle / Dr Whithorne3
Henry Bick2
John Roberts / Capt. Wadley2
Joseph Clarke3
William Fisher2
George Higgons4
William Stockford2
Widow Guy5
John Whithorne9
Edward Burrows2
John Man2
John Benett3
Richard Sumers1
William Guy1
Conway Whithorne5
Mr Smithsend5
Richard Nest4
Mr Turbervill1
Widow Bray3
Mrs Atkison3
Thomas Brooke2
Thomas Higgons3
Edward Edgcome2
Isabel Combes2
Robert Hayward1
Thomas Atkison6
Thomas Smith 1 & a forge2
And arrears forge 1 year1
Jonathan Yarrow5
Thomas White2
John Harding2
Mr Hale7
Thomas Kings3
Robert Morris2
John Skay2
Thomas Skay3
Richard Sparkes2
Thomas Ricketts3
William Vernall3
Francis Ricketts4
William Wickett2
Henry Mallett3
Thomas Tufton2
Thomas Farren3
Widow Hall2
Thomas Hall2
Jacob Underhill3
Mrs Jaynes5
Samuel Morse5
John Clifton2
James Wood5
John Turbett3
Joshua Cart7
John Blake1
Thomas Wheler3
Phillip Surman3
Joseph Smith2
Stephen Haynes1
Mrs Staite4
Mrs Wilson8
Henry Merrett10
Mr Thomas Palmore4
George Waters3
Nicholas Moore4
John Slicer3
Widow Light3
Widow Jenings3
William Yarnold3
William Duston2
Widow Turnell/Turnor1
John Chandler2
Thomas Ruton/Recton2
Thomas Nott2
Joseph Bartholomew1
Samuel Hawlinge1

Barton Street

William Lyes3
John Jones2
John Wilkison/Wilkinson2
Widow Walker3
John Cooke 1 & a forge2
And arrears forge 1 year1
Widow Higgons4
John Wilkison/Wilkinson senior3
John Lapington/Lackington3
William Pumfry3
John Jones1
Widow Smith2
Thomas Steevens1
John Jones2
Widow Beale2
Anthony Aston4
Andrew Woolams/Woolamy3
Widow Wood3
Thomas/Widow Pritchett2
John Woodward2
Richard Flower2
Widow Face/Fare1
Elizabeth Haynes2
Ralph Jones4
John Juggins5
John Mills2
William Roberts7
Thomas Triming2
Richard Sheakle3
Widow Brewer2
Joseph Light/Laight2
Thomas Jones4
William Jones1
Thomas Reeve3
Nathaniell Jones4
John Jenkins1
Widow Slicer4
Thomas Wodloe1
Thomas Loxley2
Widow Mearson3
Mrs Carver3
Samuel Crumpe5
Nicholas Edging3
William Ranford2
Samuel Millerd2
John Jones1
Thomas Jones1
William Rickards1
John Lankett1
John Piper1
Francis Little7
Nicholas Light2
John Lonkett1
Joseph Lewis5
Henry Siment4
Michael Tandy3
Widow Chandler2
Widow Pardy4
Widow Mansell2
Widow Little3

Church Street

Joseph Sheen4
Widow Tovie3
Richard Bradford4
William Clarke1
John Cowell6
William Clarke3
Thomas Pumfry4
Widow Waite1
Mrs Collett2
John Pritchett2
Phillip Hilly6
William Thorndell2
Thomas Bach2
William Downbill2
Mr Wells8
Henry Bredon3
Mr Boyle2
George Ollife1
Sarah Browne2
William Hatton4
Major Nanfen4
Richard Wilkins1
Francis Toms2
Thomas Roberts2
Richmond Brewer4
Mrs Eaton4
Widow Clarke3
Mrs Hunt / Mr Hunt of Bristol2
Edward Tovey5
Widow Bentorne/Pentham3
William Cumpton1
Joseph Underhill3
Isaac Merrell4
Widow Crumpe1
Henry Blacklowe/Blackburne5
Widow Millington1
George Chapman4
Robert Jenings4
John Parrett2
Widow Diston2
Thomas Porter2
Richard Kings2
John Wilton/Wilson4
Robert Wilton/Wilson1
Widow Roberts1
Widow Palmore2
Francis Care/ Francis Lane2
Edward Chester4
John Croswell 1 & forge2
And arrears for forge 1 year1
Edward Chapline2
John Brace2
Richard Tovey4
Widow Roberts2
William Steevens2
John Cox3
William Beale2
William Townsend3
John Baker1
Samuel Blissard2
William Damson2
Mr Payton7
Mrs Smith7
Mr Cooke11
Robert Lane6
John Tayler1
Bartholomew Read2
William Hatton5
William Tutman1
Nathaniel Derney2
Edward Peirce2
Mr Buggins4
Robert Porter3
Mr Wood4
William Jones7
Samuel Smith3
Robert Porter2
Widow Deacon4

St Mary Lane

Richard Tucker1


Francis Lewis1
Daniel Puller1
Widow Orrell1
Henry Lane1
Thomas Mills1
Widow Allen1
James Glover1
Widow Hayes1
John Granger1
Widow Bond1
Joseph Taynton1
John Kendrick1
George Cotton1
George Wall1
Widow Bagnell1
Walter Cox1
Richard Houlker1
Richard Sumers1
Thomas Moore1
Widow Fowler1
Margery Brookes1
Elizabeth Collins1
Widow Preedy1
Elizabeth Lambe1
Widow Steevens1
John Kinge1
Giles Burford1
Anne Tiler1
Gabriel Glace1
Thomas Miles1
John Cox1
Widow Worgan1
William Dainty1
Richard Still1
Alice Gray1
Katherine Allen1
Stephen Collins2
Robert Godward1
John Dudfild1
Widow Davis1
Mary Sheen 1
Isabel Sheen1
Susan Farmer1
Widow Jones1
Rowland Chaplin1
John Ricketts1
Michael Tiler1
William Carter1
Laurence Benett1
Thomas Griffeth1
John Flower1
William Mopp1
Mary Dyer1
John Darke1
Abraham Poole1
John Winett1
Widow Church1
William Man1
John Haynes1
Oliver Machin1
John Chapman1
William Hiett1
Richard Gugg1
Christopher Tayler1
John Mayoll1
Henry Beck1
Edward Brooke1
Widow Wood1
Widow Ashker1
William Woodward1
George Ollife2
Thomas Wight1
Thomas Lankett1
Thomas Bellenger1
Michael Walker1
Richard Sweet, senior & junior2
Hester Nethway1
Henry Hodgis1
Robert Cunlife1
Thomas Jones1
Mary Bankes2
James Woodward1
Henry Kings1
Katherine Mason1
Thomas Price1
Widow Baldwin1
John Place1
Joseph Williams1
Anne Phillips1
Alice Coulsly1
Elizabeth Cox1
Daniel Seaton1
John Smith1
Thomas Wilkins1
Richard Poole1
John Spilmore1
Ralph Dyer1
Thomas Dyer1
John Nicholls1
Thomas Hawker1
William Hawker1
Widow Grindle1
Widow Ollife1
Francis Stanway1
Widow Smith1
John Pardy1
Thomas Hooper1
George Parker1
James Bartholomew1
Thomas Wancock1
Widow Wancock1
Widow Blann1
James Green1
Sarah Cart1
John Chandler2
John Pagen1
Phillip Godsell1
Richard Honey1
Richard & Daniel Skinner2
John Skinner1
John White1
Thomas Tomkins1
Anne Dobbs1
Joseph Scrivin1
Widow Mayoll1
John Collins1
John Jones1
Nicholas Morgan1
Peirce Poole1
Jacob Payton1
Alice Bankes1
Edward Davis1
Edward Twining1
Widow Godward1
Edward Brush1
Mary Twining1
Richard Fish1
Joseph Fish1
Margaret Brittaine1
Widow Jones1
Edward Payton1
William Dainty1
Hannah Tomms1
Andrew Terrett1
Widow Smithems1
Widow Stubbs1
William House1
Thomas Careless1
Thomas Pope1
Widow Crumpe1
John Norton1
Anne Morton1
Gabriel Glace1
Charles Denis, senior & junior2
Thomas Hayward1
Sarah Rock1
Benjamin Grindle1
Alice Hall1
William Smith1
John Mason1
George Winett1
Richard Lappington1
Robert Powell1
William Hammonds1
Jeremy Kirby1
Widow Howell1
Edward Brawne1
John Butt1
Widow Blissard1
William Webb1
Samuel Bubb1
John Payton1
William Webb1
Richard Wilkins1
Widow Candle1
Margery Churcho1
William Orrell1
John Handly1
Widow Tayler1
Hester Feild1
William Brookes1
Jane Butt1
John Sheene1
John Kinge1
John Bubb1
Thomas Pope1